Ebike Dropshipping

Ebike Manufacturer Selling, No-Middle man

When we did some ebike research on ebike stores, most of the store owners expected to get more profits. So the BTN model was born. In the trade business, there are multi-level agencies between factory and ebike store, every level agency will compress the profits. Less profit will also reduce the quality of after-sales service. BTN has its own factory and warehouses, we are committed to providing high-quality products directly to distributors. This is what makes us outstanding from traditional manufacturers.

BTN Ebike Dropshipping Process
What's Electric Bike Dropshipping?

Electric Bike Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method. As our dealers or distributors, you don't stock a lot of ebikes inventory in your store or you don't have your own store. When a customer buys an electric bike from you or on your web, you only need to directly place an order on our system with his detailed address, name, and phone number, we will ship it from our warehouse to your customer. 

BTN Ebike Dropshipping Method

What are the advantages of Dropshipping?

1. Big Profit, Less Risk

You don't have pressure on your own inventory, we manage the warehouse inventory. Based on our existing inventory models in the Canada warehouse, USA warehouse, and Australia warehouse, you can adjust your Advertising strategy to win more orders, and we can deliver the goods to your customers.

2. Easy to Get Started

We will share our product information, including (pictures, specs, and videos). You can post our products on the web and do advertisements on Google, Bing, or other channels.

3. Good after-service

We have an after-service team to help you. We will provide the video of assembly instructions, repair, tech support and etc.

4. A variety of electric bike options and Big Inventory.

We have Fat tire electric bikes, Cargo Electric Bikes, City electric bikes, Trike, and Scooters, you can list them on your online store. As the best electric bike manufacturer in China, our big inventory and good quality help drop shippers win more markets in USA, Canada, and Australia market.

FAQ of Electric Bike Dropshipping

Q: What's the profit of Electric Bike Dropshipping?

A: We offer about 20%-30% discount from the retail price.


Q: How to apply for our electric bike dropshipping dealer?

A: 1. Contact us, and leave a message with detailed information (web, email, phone number, and company name).

     2. We will evaluate it and Our sales will contact you within 24 hours.


Q: What's the shipping method and delivery time for Freight?

A: Always by express, like UPS or FedEx 3-7 days.


Q: What's the Payment Term?

A: When customers buy from our online store, please chat with us to arrange delivery.

     Then finish payment by Credit card mostly.


Q: What's the Warranty?

A: We will send you the warranty policy for your reference.


Q: How to track your order of electric bike dropshipping?

A: We will give a track order page for you.



Warehouse Wholesale Dropshipping

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