You will see the main questions that customers asked, you can send us a message when you can not find the answer.

  • Where does BTN locate?

    BTN ebike is a global company located in China and has factories in China and Europe. For Marketing, we also have warehouses in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

  • Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a manufacturer with an integrated trading company that mainly specialized in R&D and manufacturing high-quality e-bikes and conversion kits.

  • Can I visit your local warehouse to see the ebikes?

    Yes, you can, please make a reservation with our sale manager first.

  • I have a bike shop in USA/AU/Canada, What's your MOQ and Margin?

    Please apply to be our distributor/dealer, MOQ 1 piece, bulk wholesale order over 40% margins and Warranty offered.

  • Can you make the ebike according to our drawing?

    Yes, we can. But the customer should send us a drawing to check first, then we talk in detail. We have 2D and 3D designers who can help you perfect your product.

  • What is the minimum quantity of a custom (OEM) order?

    50 pcs. We offer custom solutions including logo, frame, battery, brake, saddle, motor, handlebar, and more.

  • How can we start a customized ebike(OEM) order?

    Step 1: Send the ebike components specification&Bike frame/frame photo of the ebike to us. (Ask our Sales to get the sheet)
    Step 2: BTN quotes the ebike price to you.
    Step 3: Build the sample with 200 USD extra cost.
    Step 4: Sample ebike satisfied and start the bulk order(more than 50pcs/model).

  • How long does it take to process my order?

    Wholesale orders within 3-7 days; Custom orders maybe take longer, it depends on your quantity and requirements.

  • What is your payment term?

    Usually by T/T, ACH, Paypal, Credit Card, Zelle, or Stripe.

  • How can we make sure the quality?

    1) Quality Control

    We have a professional QC team. 100% full inspection before container shipment.

    a1. QC in Workshop Four supervisors will check the accessories' quality and quantity to make sure products meet order requirements.

    a2. QC in 100% road testing before packaging After full assembly, three workers will check all the performance features of ebikes and ride for 5-10 minutes on the real road before packaging.

    2)Quality Complains

    If any customers make quality complaints. We'll forward it to our after-service team. They will report directly to our factory manager. Usually, we will hold a meeting with the production, purchasing, and packaging departments within 24 hours. and will respond in 48 hours with feedback and solutions.


    Usually, we contact customers by email and telephone. We also go abroad every year to a different market to visit our current customers. We meet and talk face to face for a better understanding.

  • What value-added services will you provide distributors/dealers with?

    Marketing materials and branding posters to show the advantages of our products.

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