You will see the main questions that customers asked, you can send us a message when you can not find the answer.

  • Where does BTN locate?

    BTN ebike is a global company which located in China, And have factory in China&Europe. For marketing, they also have warehouses in USA/AU/EUROPE.

  • What is the weight capacity of the bikes?

    Folding bike: 150kg Step-thru bikes: 160kg MTB bikes: 170kg CARGO bikes: 200kg

  • Can I visit your local warehouse to see the bikes?

    Yes, you can, please make a reservation with our sales manager first.

  • I have a bike shop in USA/AU, How can I order the white label ebikes from your company?

    Drop Shipping & wholesale order:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jgrf7fyfc1q2xaf/AAAeqEM5HoHPOK_ZxaUFi2gla?dl=0

  • How can we start an customized ebike(OEM) order?

    Step 1: Send the ebike components specification&Bike frame/frame photo of the ebike to us. (Ask our Sales to get the sheet) 
    Step 2: BTN quotes the ebike to you. 
    Step 3: Build the sample with 200USD extra cost. 
    Step 4: Sample ebike satisfied and start the bulk order(more than 50pcs/model).

  • Why does the battery indicator show 84% for BBSHD motors?

    Lots of customers used a 52V battery to connect with a 48V30A controller. Then the display might show high voltage error 07. So BAFANG has updated the 48V30A controller to 52V28A, then it can compatible with both 48V and 52V batteries. For a 52V battery, it will show 100% on the display when connecting to the 52V controller, but for a 48V battery, it will show 84%. We're still trying to resolve this matter, it's not a big question, it won't affect any functions.


    Step1. Buy a programming cable from us, here's the link: https://eunorau-ebike.com/collections/bbs-ena-kit-parts/products/8fun-bafang-center-motor-middle-drive-motor-kit-bafang-usb-programmed-cable There's a youtube video down below for how to use BBS/ENA PROGRAM CABLE.

    Step2.Download the program software here, first one"BBS/ENA Reprogram firmware": http://m.btn-ebike.com/Download.html

    Step3.Following the instruction of "BBS-ULTRA-ENA Manual for reprogram.pdf" here's the file of programming 52v to 48v. https://cdn.shopifycdn.net/s/files/1/2389/5887/files/52VTO48V.zip?v=1636091077

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